Informative Essay Outline & Formatting Guide

Informative essays can be written on a variety of topics, including scientific and historical events, current issues, or even personal experiences. They are written to assist the readers in learning a concept or understanding a topic.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on the informative essay format, including tips on informatory essay ideas, outlines, prompts, structure, and topics.

What is an informative essay?

An informatory essay is a type of writing that is made to educate the reader on a particular topic. Unlike an argumentative essay, an informatory essay does not try to persuade the reader to take a certain stance. Rather, the main point is on presenting factual details in an organized and accessible manner.

What is the purpose of an informative essay?

The primary goal of informatory essays is to offer readers a clear understanding of the subject at hand and help them to expand their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. They are also useful tools for presenting complex details in a simplified manner.

Informative essay ideas

When it comes to selecting informative essay prompts for your informatory essay, the possibilities are endless. Before choosing a topic, it is important to select a subject you have a good understanding of that is of interest to you. 

To help you get started, here are some informative essay topics to consider:

  1. The history of a particular scientific discovery or invention (for instance, the history of the internet and its impact on society)
  2. The history and significance of a particular religious holiday or tradition (for example, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and so forth)
  3. An overview of a current event or issue (for example, the causes and effects of the Great Depression)
  4. The life and achievements of a famous person
  5. The benefits and drawbacks of new technology (for instance, the benefits and drawbacks of renewable energy sources)
  6. An explanation of a complex scientific theory
  7. A personal experience that taught you a valuable lesson
  8. An examination of a particular cultural tradition or custom

Informative essay outline

An outline is a crucial part of the writing process as it helps to keep your thoughts organized and on track. Below is a basic outline for an informatory essay:

I. Introduction:

  • Hook (attention grabber)
  • Background details on the topic
  • Thesis statement

II. Body Paragraph:

  • Subtopic
  • Supporting evidence
  • Explanation of subtopic

III. Conclusion:

  • Restate thesis statement
  • Summarize main themes
  • Final thoughts and implications

Informative essay structure

The structure of an informatory essay is similar to that of any other type of essay, with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. However, there are a few key elements to keep in mind when writing an informatory essay:

  1. Introduction: the introduction should grab the reader’s attention and offer background details on the topic. It should also include a direct thesis statement that outlines the main themes that will be covered in the piece.
  2. Body Paragraphs: the body of the essay should contain several paragraphs, each covering a specific subtopic related to the main topic. Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence that introduces the subtopic and provide supporting evidence and explanation to reinforce the details presented.
  3. Conclusion: the conclusion should restate the thesis statement and summarize the main themes covered in the essay. It is also an opportunity to leave the reader with some final thoughts or implications related to the topic.


An informatory essay is a great way to educate the reader on a particular topic and expand their knowledge. By following the guidelines outlined in this article, you can ensure that your informatory essay is well-structured, organized, and informative. You must remember to choose a topic that you are passionate about, do your research, and get started on crafting a well-written and informatory essay that your readers will enjoy.

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