50 Inspiring Essay Topics About Art to Write About

An art essay is a written piece that provides insight into the world of art, analyzing different works and styles. Whether you are studying art history, modern art, or the creative process, the following topics will give you plenty of inspiration for your next essay.

Art argumentative essay topics

  1. Is modern art too abstract?
  2. Should public funds be used to support the arts?
  3. Is street art more valuable than museum art?
  4. Should art be censored?

Art history essay topics

  1. The evolution of Renaissance art
  2. The effect of the Gothic era on art
  3. The function of Surrealism in modern art
  4. The power of Impressionism on future artists
  5. The significance of the Bauhaus movement in art and design
  6. The meaning behind Banksy’s work

Contemporary art essay topics

  1. The function of social media in the promotion and criticism of modern art
  2. The effect of globalization on contemporary art
  3. The relationship between modern art and commercialism
  4. The significance of public art in modern society
  5. The representation of marginalized communities in modern art
  6. The power of technology on the creation and presentation of modern art
  7. The function of activism in modern art
  8. The concept of postmodernism in modern art
  9. The influence of modern art on fashion and design
  10. The function of museums and galleries in promoting modern art.
  11. The rise of installations in modern art
  12. The function of technology in modern art
  13. The effect of politics on modern art
  14. The power of feminist art movements

Essay topics about art

  1. The definition of art
  2. The function of art in society
  3. The effect of art on emotions
  4. The relationship between art and culture
  5. The power of art on politics
  6. An exploration of the definition of art
  7. The different forms of art
  8. The purpose of art
  9. The history of art as a form of expression
  10. The function of art in human civilization

Is graffiti art or vandalism?

  1. The history and evolution of graffiti art
  2. The effect of graffiti on urban communities
  3. The legal and ethical implications of graffiti as vandalism
  4. The function of graffiti in modern popular culture
  5. Graffiti as a form of self-expression and resistance
  6. The differences between street art and graffiti
  7. The value and importance of preserving graffiti as public art
  8. The debates over the designation of graffiti as public art or vandalism
  9. The function of graffiti in shaping and reflecting a local identity
  10. The future of graffiti and its place in the art world.
  11. The challenges of regulating graffiti and balancing public safety with artistic expression
  12. The economic benefits of graffiti as a form of public art and its potential for urban revitalization
  13. The cultural significance of graffiti as a form of protest and political expression
  14. The power of graffiti on modern art and its function in shaping modern art movements
  15. The function of graffiti in reflecting the values and attitudes of youth culture
  16. The effect of graffiti on property values and the perception of urban neighborhoods.

What is art essay

An essay about art is a written piece that explores the definition and concept of art. It examines the various forms of art and the different purposes it serves. The essay may also delve into the history of art and its evolution as a form of expression.

The focus of this type of essay is to understand the essence of art and its significance in human civilization. The essay may also consider different perspectives and definitions of art, and whether art is subjective or objective.

Why is art important essay

An essay on art importance plays a significant function in our lives and our society. It has the power to evoke emotions, stimulate the imagination, and provide a platform for self-expression.

In this type of essay, you provide information on the importance of art as a reflection of societal and cultural values, offering insight into the beliefs and attitudes of different cultures throughout history. Through art, we can see how society has changed and evolved overtime, and it provides a visual record of the people, places, and events that shaped our world.


Art is a rich and diverse field that offers endless possibilities for exploration. It is an essential aspect of human experience, playing a vital function in shaping our lives, culture, and society. When learning how to write an art essay, begin by choosing a topic that resonates with you. The above topic ideas will serve as a guide.